The Classification and Coding of Social Interactions: Sexuality

Sexual Interactions

The remaining class of social interactions is sexual. Five subclasses of sexual interaction are described below. The most frequent form of sexual expression involves some type of physical contact, although we have one subclass to handle sexual fantasies.


Subclasses of Sexual Interactions

S5   A character has or attempts to have sexual intercourse with another character.
"My girl was willing and I was just getting ready to INSERT MY PENIS when I woke up."

S4   This subclass involves the various types of non-intercourse activities often preceding intercourse. Included are handling another character's sex organs and related fondling and petting activities. Masturbation is also included in this category.
"I dreamed I looked in the window across the street and I saw this man I didn't recognize FONDLING THE NEIGHBOR LADY'S BREASTS."

S3   This subclass covers necking and "nonplatonic" kissing. Kissing as a form of greeting, e.g., between family members, is coded under friendliness.
"And then my boyfriend KISSED me long and hard."

S2   A character makes sexual overtures to or "propositions" another character.
"This good-looking woman who was a stranger to me SUGGESTED WE GO TO HER APARTMENT AND MAKE LOVE."

S1   A character has sexual thoughts or fantasies about another character.
"I IMAGINED what it would be like to SLEEP WITH Elizabeth Taylor."


Terminology Employed for Sexual Interactions

The character who takes the initiative in starting a sexual interaction is called the initiator; the character who is the object of the sexual interaction is called the recipient. If the recipient responds with any type of sexual activity, it is called reciprocated sexuality. When no initiator or recipient can be clearly identified, the interaction is called a mutual sexuality. If the dreamer does not participate in the sexual interaction, it is called a witnessed sexuality. When a character indulges in solitary sexual activity, it is called self-directed sexuality.


Procedure for Coding Sexual Interactions

The procedure is exactly the same as that for coding the other social interactions. The coding symbol of the initiator is written first, followed by the subclass number and a > pointing toward the coding symbol for the recipient. Reciprocated sexuality is designated by placing the letter R after the sexual subclass number rather than a sideward V. Mutual sexual interactions are indicated by an equal sign. If more than one character is involved, either as initiator or as recipient, the coding symbols for the characters are joined by a plus sign. Self-directed sexuality is denoted by placing an asterisk after the number of the sexual subclass.

Coding Rules

1.  It is considered a sexual act even though the initiator is acting in a professional role.
"A red-headed PROSTITUTE walked up and ASKED ME if it were worth fifty dollars for a little fun up in her room."
2.  If there is a continued sequence of sexual activities between the same initiator and recipient and these activities involve the same subclass, only one sexual activity is coded.
"I dreamed that J.R. and I were married and it was our wedding night. WE WERE MAKING LOVE and trying out different positions. First J. R. lay on top of me, then we had relations lying on our side, and then finally I got on top of him."
D 5= 1MKA
3.  If more than one sexual activity takes place between the same initiator and recipient, code each different subclass involved and indicate their linkage by placing a { mark in front of the linked interactions.
"I was in a hotel room with some gorgeous-looking blond wearing a flimsy nightgown. I walked over to the bed where she was and started to KISS HER. I got into bed and began to RUN MY HANDS OVER HER BODY. Just as I started to ENTER HER, I woke up and had to change my pajamas."
D  3> 1FSA
D  4> 1FSA
D  5> 1FSA
4.  When sexual activities are separated in time through intervening events, code each sexual activity even if the same subclass of sex is involved between the same initiator and recipient.
"My boyfriend and I WERE NECKING on my living room couch. My parents came home and we all watched TV for a while and had some coffee later. After they went upstairs to bed, we BEGAN TO NECK AGAIN."
D 3= 1MKA
D 3= 1MKA
5.  Reciprocated sexual acts are coded according to the same rules that apply to initiated sexual acts.

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