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PLEASE read the complete list of Frequently Asked Questions before writing to us!

We receive a lot of e-mail, and we cannot answer all of it. If you want a response, please follow the guidelines on this page.

  • You MUST put a meaningful "Subject:" line in your message. We get a lot of spam, and if your message simply says "hi" or has no subject, there's a good chance it will be inadvertently thrown away.

  • We will NOT respond to the following types of questions:
    • "Will you interpret a dream that I had?" [This is not what we do.]
    • "What exactly are dreams, and why do we have them?" [These questions are far too broad to have simple answers; besides, no one knows for sure why we dream.]
    • "Can you please send me some information about dreams?" [Everything we would have to send is available in this Web site.]
    • "A member of my family has been having nightmares. What should we do?" [If you think there might be a real problem, contact a local sleep disorder clinic.]
    • "Do you have any information for people doing research projects?" [Yes, we do. The link is right at the top of our home page.]

  • We are most likely to respond to e-mails like these:
    • "I've been collecting my dreams for many years, and I'd like to study them systematically."
    • "I'm a college student doing a research project. I already read your 'Info for Research Papers' page, but I still have some further questions."
    • "I need some help using DreamSAT or the DreamBank."

  • Journalists: Please read our document on where journalists go wrong on dreams.

  • High school students who are thinking about writing to us to ask for information for school projects: everything we have to say on the origin, purpose, and meaning of dreams can be found in our FAQ section, or in the Dream Library.

Our e-mail address: dreams [at] dreamresearch [dot] net
Our postal address: G. William Domhoff
Rachel Carson College, UCSC
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Technical contact: Adam Schneider
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