Hall/Van de Castle Norms


(500 dreams)
(491 dreams)
Total characters11801423
Total animals7106%6004%
Total creatures100%000%
Single animals4304%4103%
Plural animals2802%1901%
Total human characters110894%136396%
Total single human characters76169%98072%
Total plural human characters34731%38328%
Total male58753%50737%
Total female28626%54740%
Total joint sex14513%18113%
Total indefinite9008%12709%
Total familiar50145%79658%
Total unfamiliar60755%56742%
Familiar males28025%30823%
Unfamiliar males30728%19915%
Familiar females17816%39229%
Unfamiliar females10810%15511%
Familiar indefinite1401%3302%
Unfamiliar indefinite7607%9407%
Familiar joint sex2903%6205%
Unfamiliar joint sex11610%11909%
Total adults107897%127193%
Total teenagers701%2001%
Total children2002%5704%
Total babies300%1501%

Note: the percentages in lines 2-6 (animals through total humans) were obtained by dividing frequencies by the total number of characters (line 1); the percentages in lines 7-26 (single humans through babies) were computed by dividing the various frequencies by the total number of human characters (line 6). In this table, and all other tables, familiar characters are those who are coded in one of the following four identity subclasses: family, relatives, Known, and Prominent. Unfamiliar characters are those who are coded in the following identity subclasses: Occupational, Ethnic, Uncertain, and Stranger. The few imaginary and dead characters, as well as those involved in metamorphoses, are classified as familiar or unfamiliar according to their identity class.

Subclasses of Characters

(500 dreams)
(491 dreams)
I. Family10509%20115%
II. Relatives2502%6205%
III. Known34731%50237%
IV. Prominent1802%1401%
V. Occupational18917%11609%
VI. Ethnic2202%2902%
VII. Strangers25723%23317%
VIII. Uncertain13212%18113%
IX. Other1401%2602%

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