What the experts are saying about Domhoff's new book


"G. William Domhoff deftly restores dream theory to psychology and psychology to dream theory. His neurocognitive model becomes the only comprehensive scientific framework for understanding dreaming and for studying dreams. Domhoff bases his model on a masterful survey of the literatures of neuropsychology, developmental dream psychology, and the content analysis of dream reports. He then describes powerful, computer-aided techniques for studying the relationship between dream content and waking life and cognition. Twentieth-century academic psychology by and large ignored dreams and dreaming; thanks to Domhoff's tremendous contribution, that should no longer be an option."

-- David Foulkes, PhD, author of Children's Dreaming and the Development of Consciousness

"This book clearly articulates Domhoff's new and provocative neurocognitive theory of dreams and provides the ultimate practical guide to psychology's most widely used system of dream content analysis the Hall and Van de Castle scales. The comprehensive synthesis of four decades of research and step-by-step instructions for scoring and statistical analysis make it a 'must-read' for students contemplating their first dream content study and an invaluable resource for professionals in the field."

-- Deirdre Barrett, PhD, author of The Committee of Sleep

"Domhoff presents an excellent and refreshingly even-handed review of current models of dreaming. His book will have a lasting impact on the continuing debate over the meaning of dreams. Domhoff's clearly presented and rationally argued model of dreaming is one that future theorists will have to deal with."

-- Robert Stickgold, PhD, Laboratory of Neurophysiology, Department of Psychiatry at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston

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