Classroom Lecture Notes: Similarities and Differences Between Freud and Jung on Dreams

by G. William Domhoff

These are my own notes that I use when teaching classes about dream research. They may be of use to those looking for some general information about Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung's ideas on dreams.

Also see my more detailed lecture notes on Freud and on Jung.

What is "basic reality"?physiology, especially libidinal organizationthe psyche, especially archetypes
Origins of conflictclash of instinctsignoring part of the psyche
Developmental emphasischildhood (psychosexual development)adulthood (self archetype)
Aim of lifetension reductionindividuation and transcendence
Scope of the unconsciouspersonal unconsciouscollective unconscious (all human kind)
Origins of the unconsciousanxiety caused by clash of instinctsrepeated experiences of the species
Key contents of the unconsciousrepressed wishes and fearsarchetypes
Nature of dreamsdisguised attempts at wish fulfillment; contain return of the repressedattempt to express undeveloped parts of psyche, especially archetypes
Function of dreamsto preserve sleepcompensation for waking attitudes and personality
Mechanism of dream formationdream-worksymbolization
Function of symbolsdisguiseexpress
Methods of dream interpretationfree association, symbol interpretationamplification, active imagination, dream series method, symbol interpretation

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