We Need Bigger and Better Samples of Dream Reports; Most Recent Dream Reports and Dream Journals Are the Answers

G. William Domhoff

University of California, Santa Cruz

Originally presented as part of the IASD Online Dream Research Conference (November 11-13, 2016)

This collection of PDF slides is meant for those who would like to collect bigger and better samples of dream reports in a more expeditious manner. It covers two methodologies:

  1. The Most Recent Dream (MRD) method, which can produce large and useful samples in settings (e.g., classrooms, convention halls, waiting rooms) in which large numbers of people are gathered. It takes 20-25 minutes to complete for adults and 25-30 minutes for children ages 9-10 (fifth grade) on up. (MRDs are not useful at all with children in the fourth grade or lower.)
  2. The dream series method, which involves finding and authenticating dream journals that have been kept for months, years, or decades by people from ages 14 and above — for their own varied personal reasons. As explained in the presentation, they are far more valuable than most researchers realize, and have legitimacy and a venerable history in psychology as unobtrusive archival measures.
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