Brush Salesman #10

"I was in a bar drinking beer with my roommate. The bar was in Ft. Carson, but did not resemble any one we had been in. It most closely resembled a little lunch counter. In fact, the more I think of it, it was exactly the same. My roommate and I were fairly high on the beer we had been drinking. A friend we had brought with us was asleep on the floor between us. We were talking and joking about various things. The subject of age came up and my roommate was telling me how lucky I was because I never had to worry about I.D. cards now that I am 21. The bartender heard this conversation and thought it was I who was underage. He asked for my I.D. so I gave it to him, sure that he would find it OK. He didn't, however, and thought the card was a fake so he booted me out. My roommate was laughing so hard it was all he could do to keep his seat. I, too, was laughing but was a little mad at the bartender, so I started beating on the door. The bartender finally came and this time looked at all my identification. Then he let me back in. I went over to my roommate, hit him on the back and bought him a beer."

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Three individual characters were described in this dream. The first was the dreamer's roommate, the second a friend they had brought with them, and the third was the bartender. The roommate and friend were coded as K because they would be familiar to the dreamer, and the bartender was coded as O.

The bartender was being aggressive when he forced the dreamer to leave the bar. There is some question as to how this was accomplished. Since the dreamer did use the words "booted me out," the bartender's act was coded A7. The dreamer reciprocated with a mild form of aggressive activity when he began beating on the door. The language of the report structures this as the consequence of the dreamer being a little mad at the bartender. If the dreamer had only felt a little mad without doing anything about it, it would have been an A1, but since the dreamer did attempt to express his aggression in some more overt fashion, it was coded as an A2. This subclass can be used for such indirect expressive behavior as slamming a door to show one's anger. The dreamer initiated two friendly acts toward his roommate: one when he hit him on the back and the other when he bought him a beer. The back slapping is a form of expressing friendliness through physical means and is therefore an F6, while the purchasing of the beer is similar to offering a gift and was coded as F3.

Under activities, a code of P was used for the dreamer and his roommate drinking beer. A mutual V appears for the dreamer and his roommate talking and joking. The roommate then initiates a V to the dreamer and an A code is given to the bartender for hearing this remark. The bartender then receives a V for asking the dreamer about his I.D. card and the dreamer interacts in a physical activity with the bartender when he hands him his card. The C is credited to the bartender for the thinking activity that he engages in when he first thinks that the dreamer is underage and then later when he decides that the dreamer's card is a fake. Following this the bartender performs a physical act to the dreamer when he puts him out. The roommate laughing was coded as E, and an E was also included for the dreamer laughing. The next P is coded for the dreamer beating on the door. The bartender's arrival at the door is coded as M since he would have to walk to reach there. An S code is given to the bartender for looking at the identification, and the dreamer receives an M for going over to the roommate, after which a P is coded for the dreamer slapping the roommate on the back.

Three settings were involved. The first consisted of an indoor setting when the dreamer and his roommate were in the bar or lunch counter. The second occurred when the dreamer was booted out and he was standing outside beating on the door. This was coded as an outdoor setting. Finally, the dreamer was able to re-enter the bar and some of his activities after returning inside are described. The dreamer specifically said that the bar did not resemble any that he had visited in real life, so both indoor settings were coded as unfamiliar. It appears probable that the area immediately adjacent to the bar or lunch counter, i.e., the area around the front door where he stood, was also unfamiliar to the dreamer so the outdoor setting was also coded U.

The object code of AE appeared for the bar and RG for Fort Carson, which is a city. Another AE was coded for mention of the lunch counter. FO was recorded for the beer and the floor was coded as AD. The I.D. card was coded as CM. The HH was coded for referring to seat, although it is a little vague as to whether seat means bar stool, or whether it means that the roommate had difficulty keeping his balance. A second AD was included for the door and a BT for the roommate's back. Another FO code was given for the beer that the dreamer bought since this represented a different beer.

A successful achievement was coded in this dream for the dreamer being able eventually to get back into the barroom. He had made this his goal, and after engaging in beating on the door, he was able to prove his age and be readmitted as he intended. The emotion of anger was coded for the dreamer because he stated that he was a little mad at the bartender.

Reference to the lunch counter being little received an S- code, but no code was given for mention of being fairly high on beer. In some ways this sounds as if a reference to intensity is being made, but both the terms of fairly and high are too vague to be coded in this case. An I+ was coded for the roommate laughing so hard, and an I- was coded for being a little mad at the bartender. The reference to being underage was coded as an A-. It will be recalled that mention of a specific age is not scorable as an age modifier, but the term underage here has the meaning of being too young. An E- code was given for the bartender initially judging that the card was a fake.

Three negative codes appear for this dream. The first was for the bar which did "not" resemble any they visited, the second was for "never" having to worry about I.D. cards, and the third for when the bartender "didn't" find the card OK.

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Char. Aggression Friendliness Sexuality Sett. Modif.
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