Automated Dream Data Entry System
and Statistical Analysis Tool

DreamSAT is a spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel that facilitates the statistical analysis of dreams that have been coded with the Hall/Van de Castle system of quantitative content analysis. Of course, you still need to read the dreams and do the coding by hand; there's virtually no way to have a computer read English sentences and pull meaning out of them. DreamSAT automatically generates a number of different reports based on the data you enter:

  • Raw frequencies of all the elements that you coded.
  • Indexes such as Male/Female Percent, Aggressor Percent, and F/C Index.
  • An h-profile of all the indexes, compared to either the male or female norms.
  • An A/F Square, which looks at aggressions and friendliness with male and female characters.

For more detailed information about DreamSAT, read the documentation (PDF), which is fairly detailed but hasn't been updated in quite some time. If you have any questions, contact Adam Schneider, whose e-mail address can be found at http://adamschneider.net/.

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